Surreal Dinner Partee Number Two

menu of reds and purples and greens---of calamari with red paprika ailoi, beet greens, red bread, purple fried rice with red peppers, more brooke's greens, green gin punch, self made fortunes in self made fortune cookies (quite a failure) and dice cake (quite a success)! sort of a chinese new year theme... with tarot


February 2010 Surrealist Dinner Partee

dinner of silver sardines on red bread with blue bean paste, purple rice, brooke's greens, blue gin cocktails, fish heads, deviled eggs, inverse deviled eggs (golden beets with goat cheese), stacked salad on sticks beet/jicama/fennel/cucumber, roasted romanesque broccoli and cauliflower, psychedelic pickled radish salad, jello with eyes, chocolate and vanilla checkerboard cake and marshmallow dice.
with the help of sierra, airyka, and lindsay